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The COURSALIS air curtains protect the interior environment of any building, store, school, supermarket, bar, etc., generating an invisible air barrier at the entrance by separating the interior environment from the exterior without preventing people or vehicles from entering the interior. of the building.
COURSALIS can be installed up to a distance of 3m from the ground and exists with and without heating. A remote control allows you to change the operating modes: room, heating, air speed and stop-running.
Range from 900 to 2000mm wide, which allows to adjust the curtain to any entrance of premises.
The main objective of the COURSALIS air curtains is the energy saving as they reduce heating or cooling costs, by preventing the exchange of environment when opening the exterior door. This increases the comfort of the people inside and keeps the atmosphere clean of odors and insects, dust, pollution, as well as cold or hot air.
The functioning of an air curtain is based on a high velocity jet of air (up to 2,2 m/s in COURSALIS) that covers all openings. Heated air curtains like COURSALIS E creates comfort by the jet of air on people as they cross the air screen and helps to maintain the temperature on the entrance.
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