///High efficiency fans with EEC motor
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High efficiency fans with EEC motor

High efficiency fans with electronic motor Probat EEC by Casals. With permanent magnet brushless motors that offer multiple solutions to all types of industrial and tertiary applications.

Currently, all ventilation manufacturers assemble AC IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors in their fans, but the market is changing towards EC motors that combine part of both worlds with their respective advantages. The EC motor can easily work with a single phase or three phase alternating power, achieving high efficiency as if it were a direct voltage (DC) motor when performing a voltage correction inside it. In Casals Ventilación, we have developed our own EC motor: Probat EEC by Casals.

In this brochure you can find all the Casals Ventilación fans equipped with electronic motor: heat recovery, inline, insulated boxes, axial and casen fans.

All our products exceed the requirements of the directive Ecodesing ErP 2009/125 / CE and its regulation (EU) 327/2011 for fans, 1253/2014 for non residential ventilation units, 1254/20174 for residential ventilation units and its labelled B2C and 640/2011 for motors.