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Jet fans catalogue

For smoke evacuation in underground parking areas caused by the accumulation of polluted air or the smoke caused by a random fire requires the installation of jet fans.
Depending on the regulations, for the evacuation of smoke in case of fire, the fans should be able to withstand temperatures of 400ºC 120 minutes (F400 or 400ºC/2h). However, if the parking is equipped with sprinklers, it will be enough with fans that support 300ºC 60 minutes (F300 or F300/1h).
Casals Ventilación offers a range perfectly adapted to the regulations and designed to take up as little space as possible and to ensure the cleaning of the air in spaces destined to the parking of vehicles.
  • JF comfort, F400 and F300 (axial with octagonal shape)
  • JFC comfort, F400 and F300 (axial with circular shape)
  • SYBILO comfort, F400 and F300 (centrifugal)

All our jet fans are available in comfort, 300ºC/2h and 400ºC/2h version.

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