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PRESTUR-PREXTUR, centrifugal fan with backward curved blades (reaction) with direct coupling motor-flange, Storm brand, Casals Ventilación.
Although its main application is usually the paint booths, its installation in double flange of aspiration and motor in vertical position, allows to move clean or dusty air of suitable form in multiple applications:
· Paint booths
· Dust collection
· Dryers of the food industry
· Food processing
· Incineration
· Odor control in industry
· Indoor / outdoor pollution control
· Big buildings
· Malls
· Factories / Industrial buildings
· Warehouses
· Extraction of smoke
· Boilers and ovens
· Filtering technology
· Manufacture and treatment of chemical products
· Tunnels, underground stations
Among the advantages that PRESTUR-PREXTUR has over other similar industrial fans is its high level of efficiency (up to 84%), robustness, greater finishing coat and a wider range (from Ø315 to Ø800) with accessories adaptable to any installation .