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Residential range

Small fans for the extraction of little flow for bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, dining rooms and even larger rooms. All the extractors that make up the residential range Casals Ventilación whether for ceiling, wall, window or ducted summarized in this brochure.
Discover the features of our fans for residential applications, to be installed in bathrooms or toilets, kitchens, living rooms, or all those small spaces that require air extraction for a comfortable environment:
  • LARUS, LIBELLA, FENESO (ideal for windows)
  • CRYSAM REV (for window and reversible)
  • CHELYS (of double flow) and CHELYS SIGILA (made of isolated steel and very silent)
  • CYCNUS and CICONUS (the most aesthetic design)
  • LIBELLUM (economic and silent)
  • SIGILA and SIGILA MOTION (for ceilings or wall, with timer, motion sensor and very silent)
  • ESTELA (for ceilings in wider spaces, large flow and silent)