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Roof fans

The range of Casals Ventilación roof fans covers multiple applications: residential, commercial or tertiary and industrial.
Available in 50Hz and 60Hz, ATEX versions, for fire applications, aluminum or polyamide constructions, centrifugal and helical turbines.
In this roof fans summary you can find:
  • HTE: axial roof fan with fiber cowl.
  • KIT-TE / KIT-TM: roof kit for cased fans in plastic or steel sheet.
  • CTH-3 / CTH-3A: centrifugal roof fan with ABS or aluminum cowl.
  • CTH-4: centrifugal roof fan with vertical discharge, made of steel or aluminum.
  • BT ROOF 2 SB: backward centrifugal roof fan with horizontal discharge, available with plate or squared (with flanges) base.
  • FOCCETA: special roof centrifugal fan for barbacosas and fireplaces (chimneys).