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Mediu potential exploziv

An explosive atmosphere is any mixture, under atmospheric conditions caused by the handling or storage activity, of air and flammable substances in form of gas, steam or dust in which, after ignition, the unburned mixture is propagated.
Small particles coming from wheat flour, sugar, starch, cereals, milk powder in the food industry can be a danger because they have a high explosive potential. Also the aluminum powder, brown coal, iron powder, wood dust, soot, sulfur have this same problem if they join the circumstances that can lead to a catastrophic explosion.
For this type of environment, fans installed both for air supplying and extracting must be ATEX certified. Industrial fans are protected against explosion by the use of aluminum or copper inlet rings, EEX motors and special coatings.
Casals has an extensive catalog of ATEX fans. Please always check our ATEX form to determine the appropriate category.

SUCCESS CASE 1: Producer of  throat and cough sweets with the presence of powdered starch. Installation of HJBMX ATEX fans for sweets drying. It not only eliminates the risk of explosion, but also reduces production costs and eliminates paint contamination as the fan supplied is produced in stainless steel.

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