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Pad mounted fans with aluminum impeller made by Casals Ventilación are supplied with an electronic EEC motor, so they are a highly efficient and low noise proposal.

Among the applications for HMA EVO EEC (long cased) and HCA EVO EEC (short cased) are:

  • Air renewal in all types of buildings and industries.
  • Smoke extraction.
  • Maximum working temperature in continuous 60ºC.

Concrete examples can be the centers of energy transformation, machine cooling, load banks and warehouses.

The pad mounted is a motor-fan assembly in which the passage of air is not affected by its mechanical support.  On the contrary, this support becomes an ally to improve efficiency.

Whereas all fans have guide vanes as an option, HCA / HMA EVO EEC have them integrated as standard. The guide vanes allow for an increase in efficiency and a reduction in noise level at the output side (impulsion) of the fan.

Created to achieve greater efficiency by ensuring that the air inlet and outlet of the fan is always laminar, we have minimized the inefficiencies generated by the accessories installed in the drive zone, where there should be no obstacles up to a minimum of 1.5 m, something that is not usually achieved. With our fan, despite the existence of obstacles, the installation will not lose efficiency.

For more information about the HMA EVO EEC and HCA EVO EEC you can download the technical sheet below.