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New EC motors

The electronic motors (EC) have in Casals a proper name: the Probat EEC by Casals.
The third generation of EEC motors comes to the market. With a deported electronics, they allow a greater connectivity, a greater control over the behavior of the motor, a higher efficiency and a lower noise level than the previous generation. Do not be fooled and discover why Probat EEC by Casals is a true EC technology.
Without the need for a frequency inverter, the fans with EEC motor reach anefficiency 20% higher than the asynchronous motors with inverter.
These new motors carry an electronics with incorporated Modbus, a protocol that offers a greater availability for the connection of industrial electronic devices and allows to communicate the results to a computer. Readings and / or writings of the behavior of the motor are obtained like the stop and the march, the detection and identification of errors, the speed of rotation, the consumption, hours of operation, etc.